KT Encounters blog: Dr. Olivier Ferlatte discusses how he uses intersectionality to improve his community-based research with gay and bisexual men.

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MSFHR’s Valerie To and Zena Sharman discuss the latest developments in peer review and MSFHR’s commitment to meeting the highest scientific standards.

MSFHR's Dr. Les Grad reflects on the 2017 Future of Research Symposium, what he learned and how MSFHR is working to support early-career health researchers in BC.

KT Encounters blog: Dr. Cindy Holmes shares her experiences working on an iKT research project with a community that experiences social exclusion and discrimination.

KT Encounters blog: Bev Holmes and Allan Best propose six interdependent actions for maximising knowledge mobilization in complex systems such as health care. Originally published on Integration and Implementation Insights.


KT Encounters blog: Dr. Heather Gainforth, Assistant Professor in the School of Health and Exercise Sciences, UBCO, shares her recommendations for forging strong, long-term relationships with community organizations.