Review Process

Rigorous peer review is a cornerstone of MSFHR funding competitions. We convene expert panels to evaluate all award applications and ensure the research we support meets the highest scientific standards.

This mechanism maintains our accountability to the Government of British Columbia and the research community at large.

Peer review principles

  • Confidentiality
    All information contained in applications submitted to MSFHR, reports made by reviewers, and review panel discussion is strictly confidential and subject to the BC Personal Information Protection Act.
  • Impartiality
    All reviewers must read and agree to abide by MSFHR’s Guidelines on Conflict of Interest prior to viewing any application information.
  • Parity
    Reviewers are expected to be fair and reasonable, to exercise meticulous scientific judgment, and to understand and take into account the particular context of each application.


2017 Trainee Program

Resources for review panel members (PDF)

2017 Scholar Program

Resources for review panel members (PDF)

2016 Trainee Program

Resources for review panel members

Resources for applicants