Scholar Awards

2017 Scholar Program

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MSFHR Scholar Awards are catalysts for health research innovation. With a maximum term of five years, they help BC attract top research talent and retain our province’s best and brightest.

Since 2001, we have granted more than 360 scholar awards worth more than $117 million.

Multiplier effect: MSFHR-funded scholars have attracted more than $1.1 billion in additional research funding since 2001, representing a 10-fold return on MSFHR's investment. (Source: MSFHR Research Impact, 2001-2013)

Scholar awards support new investigators to launch independent research careers and build strong research programs. They protect time for focusing on research activities, support the training of students, help attract additional funding, and facilitate team-building and collaboration.

The result is world-class research that advances knowledge across the health spectrum and answers the questions that keep British Columbians healthy.

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Award details

  • Maximum five-year term
  • Provides salary support for researchers with less than five years of independent research experience
  • Facilitates 75 percent protected time for research
  • Recipients of other peer-reviewed salary awards eligible for top-up/incentive award
  • Partnership opportunities available

For more information, contact:

Rashmita Salvi
Manager, Programs