Trainee Awards

2017 Trainee Program

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Investing in the next generation of BC health research leaders is an important part of our mandate. MSFHR Trainee Awards build on Dr. Michael Smith’s legacy of support for up-and-coming scientists and help launch independent research careers.

Since 2001, we’ve granted more than 1,200 trainee awards worth more than $38 million.

Trainee awards support highly qualified applicants at the post-PhD and post-health professional degree stages to prepare for careers as independent health researchers. While training on the job, these exceptional researchers significantly increase the productivity of the programs with which they are affiliated.

By supporting the training of young investigators, BC is well positioned to retain them as future health research leaders.

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Award details

  • Maximum three-year term
  • Annual stipend
  • Research and travel allowance
  • Facilitates 75 percent time commitment to research activities
  • Recipients of other peer-reviewed stipend awards eligible for top-up/incentive awards
  • Partnership opportunities available

For more information, contact:

Rashmita Salvi
Manager, Research Competitions