Closing the gap: The preparation and integration of newly graduate nurses (NGN) into the BC workforce


  • Andrea Starck
    Northern Health 

Team members: 

  • Erin Bryant
  • Julia Lowe
  • Andrea Burrows
    Research user
  • Aneta D'Angelo
    Interior Health 
  • Yujin Lim
  • Sheila Blackstock
  • Kathy Rush
  • Joanne Mclaren
    BC Ministry of Health

The proposed activity will provide opportunities for stakeholders from BC’s health authorities, nursing education institutions, professional nursing organizations and associations to participate in Knowledge Sharing and New Nurse Transition Program Implementation Forums. The intent is to build on the model for undergraduate learning pathway development and newly graduated nurse (NGN) transition support developed through the Co-op and Work Integrated Learning grant entitled Transformative Nursing (BSN) Practice Education and Transition Model. This provincial work is a response to the 2018 Ministry of Health Nursing Secretariat and 2019 Nursing Education Planning Committee of BC call for a provincial strategy to address workforce issues that challenge the enactment of BC’s health system priorities. A key outcome of the forums will be to create a plan to operationalize the Transition Model implementation and evaluation strategies, and establish research plans for a phased roll-out and evaluation of the model. A second outcome of the forums will be the formation of an Advisory Group to continue the work of accountability for implementation and evaluation of the model throughout the BC health regions.