Engineering Platelets using therapeutic mRNA

Platelet cells are routinely transfused during treatment of a range of conditions, due to their specialized roles in hemostasis. Despite the significant potential to enhance the efficacy and applicability of platelet transfusions, no techniques have yet been developed to engineer modified platelets. mRNA therapeutics is a promising novel class of nanomedicine with broad clinical applicability, capable of enhancing the physiological function of target cells by modifying cellular protein expression. The therapeutic potential of mRNA editing is particularly relevant to transfusion science, where the mechanisms of delivery to patients are well established. By engineering platelets using gold standard mRNA transfection strategies, their therapeutic potential can be maximized for diverse applications.

Engineered platelets will be created using cutting-edge mRNA lipid nanoparticles. Successful mRNA editing will create platelets with enhanced biochemistry and improved hemostatic function. Results generated from this project will address knowledge gaps in platelet translation mechanism, and guide forthcoming research on the next generation of blood products, improving current standards of care in blood transfusion.