Examining how contextual factors and health equity considerations shape the implementation of an internet-based testing service for sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections

This study will examine how organizations are able to roll-out and improve GetCheckedOnline (GCO), an internet-based testing service for sexually and blood transmitted infections currently available in British Columbia.

Using the research approach of institutional ethnography, this study aims:

  1. to learn what it takes to implement and expand GCO in fair and sustainable ways, and
  2. to speak to healthcare and community stakeholders in British Columbia to understand the contextual obstacles and opportunities that have shaped the implementation of GCO.

This study's findings will help to inform how GCO can be improved to expand the service to new locations in British Columbia and potentially to the healthcare system in Toronto, Ontario. More generally, this project will offer insights into how sexual health services are implemented and how to promote the equitable growth of digital health interventions.