Qualitative analysis and integration of stakeholder engagement into provincial policy roll out of free prescription contraception: Application of gender-based analysis plus (GBA+)

This Health System Impact Fellowship is co-funded by CIHR, MSFHR, and BC Ministry of Health – Population and Public Health (health system partner), to help build BC’s health policy research capacity for the integration of policy research into decision-making.

In late 2020, the Government of British Columbia committed to a policy of free contraception for all. This first-in-Canada policy presents an opportunity to address the cost barrier that limits access to contraception, and to understand and address how other identity factors like race, ethnicity, religion, age, and ability intersect with gender to affect the experience of contraceptive access. The goal of this project is therefore to use a gender and diversity lens called Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) to support the planning, implementation and evaluation of free contraception policy and programs in BC. Specifically, a family planning researcher will work with the BC Ministry of Health to engage with stakeholders about the impact of free contraception on communities known to face various barriers to safe and appropriate contraception care. Stakeholder engagement will be complemented by reviews of the relevant scientific evidence as well as invited presentations from researchers doing work connected to gender, diversity, and contraception. In alignment with the Ministry mandate to provide free contraception for all and addressing systemic discrimination, the results will be shared with policy makers to inform decisions about free contraception policies and programs and will be used to inform templates and guidelines for future GBA+.

Source: CIHR Funding Decisions Database