Aaron Phillips

Dr. Aaron Phillips’ research interests involve cerebrovascular regulation and its relationship to clinical outcomes. Dysfunctional cerebral blood flow regulation is implicated in orthostatic intolerance, cognitive dysfunction, mood disorders, fatigue, as well as increased risk of stroke.

Through the use of cutting-edge heart and brain imaging techniques, Dr. Phillips is evaluating the role cerebrovascular function plays in the development of clinical outcomes within a variety of populations and circumstances, including those with spinal cord injury as well as those diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Most recently, Dr. Phillips has studied cerebral blood flow during severe swings in blood pressure (i.e. systolic blood pressure from 60-250 mmHg) in those with spinal cord injury, as well as completed a clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of a pharmaceutical therapy for improving cerebrovascular function. Moving forward, Dr. Phillips will evaluate cerebrovascular function during invasive surgeries and other medical procedures.


University: University of British Columbia
Faculty: Medicine

Recent Publications

Phillips AA, Ainslie P, Krassioukov AV, Warburton DE. Regulation of Cerebral Blood Flow after Spinal Cord Injury. J Neurotrauma. 2013 Jun 13. (PubMed abstract)

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