Amanda Fuchsia Howard

Dr. Howard is a Registered Nurse and Assistant Professor in The University of British Columbia, School of Nursing. Her research examines the health service needs of high-risk survivors of acute life-threatening illness, specifically, critical illness and cancer. Dr. Howard promotes socially responsive scholarship; generating evidence of survivor perspectives and priorities vital for enhancing the accessibility and quality of health services. She leads clinically integrated, multidisciplinary, and patient-oriented research, involving partnership with healthcare providers, administrators and patients to conduct qualitative and mixed-methods research. Her research program includes an integrative knowledge translation thread of co-designing with patients, innovative and engaging way of creating and sharing information to empower patients through eHealth interventions. The overarching aim of Dr. Howard’s research is to generate patient- and family- perspective evidence of their health and disability challenges as the foundation to designing and evaluating patient-centred healthcare to address the complications of critical illness survivorship and the long-term burden of illness.