Christina Bruna Gros

Dr. Christina Gros’ research interests have always centered on medicine, particularly from a therapeutic standpoint. From high school, where she pursued a physics and chemistry major, to her PhD, where she worked in a preclinical drug discovery team, all her choices have been directed toward the same goal: working within industry to lead preclinical research into new therapeutic and diagnostic agents.

Gros completed a PhD in Biochemistry in a joint public-private laboratory, located in the Pierre Fabre facilities. This environment allowed her to become familiar with specific issues such as quality certification, project time-management and good laboratory practices, while broadening her theoretical knowledge and practical skills in medicinal chemistry, enzymology and assay development.

As a postdoctoral fellow, she has chosen to work in Dr. David Vocadlo’s lab on the development of a diagnosis assay for Parkinson’s Disease in flow cytometry. The biomarker aspect and the clinical context of this project will allow her to broaden her skills further that just in the hit-to-lead point of view.