David Vocadlo

Dr. David Vocadlo is a professor in the Departments of Chemistry, and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Chemical Biology at Simon Fraser University (SFU). He received his PhD (2002) at the University of British Columbia with S.G. Withers and was a post-doctoral fellow (2003) at the University of California at Berkeley with C.R. Bertozzi. He joined SFU in 2004 and currently leads the Laboratory for Chemical Glycobiology, which has an overarching aim to develop and validate chemical and biochemical research tools that can be used in cell and organismal models. To accomplish these aims, the laboratory uses methods drawn from carbohydrate chemistry, molecular biology, physical organic chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, and basic animal physiology. He and his team have published over 150 papers and he is a co-author on over 30 families of patents. Dr. Vocadlo is also founder and co-director of the Centre for High-Throughput Chemical Biology and co-founder of Alectos Therapeutics.

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