Ethan Greenblatt

Dr. Ethan Greenblatt is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine’s  Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of British Columbia. He received his doctoral training in Ron Kopito’s lab at Stanford University, where he discovered a central role of rhomboid membrane pseudoproteases in cellular protein quality control. In 2012, he joined Allan Spradling’s lab at Carnegie Institution for Science’s Department of Embryology in Baltimore, Maryland, for postdoctoral training. He utilized the developmental biology of the Drosophila ovary to uncover mechanisms of post-transcriptional gene regulation underlying prolonged oocyte function, including a role for the fragile X mental retardation 1 (Fmr1) gene in activating the translation of large proteins critical for homeostasis.

The Greenblatt lab is currently using genetic, genomic, and proteomic strategies to gain insights into the molecular mechanism underlying Fmr1-mediated translational activation. Their goal is to uncover new therapeutic targets for the development of treatments for fragile X-associated neuronal and reproductive disorders.

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