Genevieve Creighton

Dr. Genevieve Creighton is a research associate in the Injury Research and Prevention Unit, Department of Pediatrics at UBC. Her research looks at young men, masculinities, and health practices using a variety of qualitative methods.

Dr. Creighton recently completed a study exploring young men’s grief following the accidental death of a friend, looking specifically at risk-taking and gender identity. As part of this research, participants took photographs. As a way of triggering community dialogue about young men and risk taking, the photos displayed in two art showings in Vancouver and Whistler.

Currently, Dr. Creighton is conducting research on young men, post traumatic stress, and the process of returning to work following a serious injury.


University: University of British Columbia
Faculty: Medicine
Department: Pediatrics
Position: Research Associate
Research Location: BC Children’s Hospital

Recent Publications

Creighton, G., Oliffe, JL., Butterwick, SJ, & Saewyc, E. (2013) After the Death of a Friend: Young Men’s Grief and Masculine Identities. Social Science and Medicine 84, 35-43.

Brussoni, M., Olsen, LL, Creighton, G., Oliffe, JL. (in press) Heterosexual Gender Relations In and Around Childhood Risk and Safety. Qualitative Health Research.

Brussoni M, Creighton G., Olsen LL & Oliffe J L. (2013) Men on fathering in the context of children’s unintentional injury prevention. American Journal of Men’s Health. 7 (1) 77-86.

Creighton, G. & Oliffe, J. (2010) Theorizing Masculinities and Men’s Health: A brief history with a view to practice. Health Sociology Review. 19(4) p. 409-418.