Indhu Shree Rajan Babu

Dr. Indhu Shree Rajan Babu’s interests pertain to the clinical diagnostic application of advanced genomics technologies to identify the underlying molecular cause in patients with genetic disorders and pave the way for the development of appropriate and effective treatment/management strategies for affected individuals and their families. Presently, she is focusing on the development of a bioinformatics pipeline for the identification of short tandem repeat expansion mutations that are not reliably detected by the current clinical whole-genome sequence analysis pipelines. This research could facilitate the discovery of novel repeat expansion disorders and stimulate further research towards the delineation of the underlying disease mechanism and identification of potential targets for therapeutic intervention.

Rajan Babu has recently been awarded a Rare Disease Foundation Microgrant to optimize and validate a whole-genome sequence analysis pipeline for clinical genetic testing of patients with short tandem repeat expansion disorders.

For an up-to-date list of publications by Dr. Rajan Babu, please see ResearchGate.