Katrina Plamondon

Dr. Plamondon’s program of research focuses on questions of how to align knowledge, intention, and action for health equity. She is a mother, artist, sister, and friend—a Canadian woman of Cree, Irish, Quebecois, Jewish, and German ancestry. Her clinical foundations are in critical care/emergency and street outreach. She completed a Master of Science in Community Health & Epidemiology (University of Saskatchewan) and PhD (University of British Columbia), extending a decade of research and practice in knowledge translation with a focus on advancing health equity. She is a long-standing member of the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research and currently co-chair the University Advisory Council, which represents 29 institutional members from across Canada. She was the Principal Investigator for the multi-year Gathering Perspectives Studies that led to the creation of the equity-centred CCGHR Principles for Global Health Research (available here: www.ccghr.ca/resources/principles-global-health-research/) and the lead on a series of publications contributing to national dialogue about Canada’s role in global health research.