Pascal Lavoie

Dr. Pascal Lavoie is a clinician-scientist, staff neonatologist at the Children’s & Women’s Health Centre and principal investigator at the Child & Family Research Institute. His translational research focuses on bench-to-bedside approaches directed towards diseases affecting newborns and infants.

Infection is one of the most common life-threatening complications experienced by infants born prematurely. Nearly one-third of the smallest preterm babies will develop a life-threatening infection in their first weeks of life. Unfortunately, the morbidity resulting from infection in these infants is rising in North America. Lavoie’s main research, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and US March of Dimes’ Birth Defect Foundation, aims to understand how clinical practices in the neonatal intensive care unit and immaturity of the immune system play a role in increasing the risk of infection in infants born prematurely

Lavoie has recently described two major deficits in preterm infant’s innate immune defence mechanisms, one of which was reported on the front page of the national edition of the Globe and Mail (Dec 9, 2010).

Recent Publications

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