Kush Dalal

Dr. Kush Dalal’s post-doctoral work concerns the biological role of the androgen receptor (AR), a transcription factor important in the disease progression of prostate cancer. Using cell culture and biochemistry approaches, small molecules will be tested for the ability to target the dimerization and DNA binding activities of the AR to block its transcription factor activity, and hence, to provide a potential blockade of androgen signalling in prostate cancer tumour cells. This work will lead to a greater understanding of the protein structure of the AR and its molecular mechanism of action in the cell nucleus. Targeting transcription factor dimerization or DNA binding remains a largely unexplored strategy for the treatment of prostate cancer and possibly other cancers.

Dr. Dalal is native to Vancouver, and undertook PhD studies at UBC to investigate the protein biochemistry of membrane proteins. During this time, he made groundbreaking contributions to the study of the bacterial SecY protein-conducting channel. His achievements include Pacific Century and Alexander Bell scholarships, as well as thesis and presentation awards. Dr. Dalal is supported by concurrent MSFHR and CIHR fellowships.