Sandra Marquis

Dr. Sandra Marquis is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia, working with Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch in the School of Nursing.  Sandra currently holds a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Trainee award.  Sandra is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the School of Public Health and Social Policy, University of Victoria, where she teaches Introduction to Disability.

Sandra completed her doctorate in Social Dimensions of Health at the University of Victoria in 2018.  Sandra’s dissertation focused on healthcare usage by parents and siblings of children who have a developmental disability and live in B.C.  Sandra’s work used population level data provided through Population Data B.C.  Sandra received the Myer Horowitz Award and the Mary Catherine and Gloria Marshall Award from the Centre for Youth and Society, University of Victoria.

Sandra’s current project will continue her exploration of disability issues in B.C.  She will be using population data to examine health care usage by young adults who have a developmental disability as they transition from child to adult health services.