Shelley Cook

Dr. Shelley Cook

Dr. Shelley Cook has 20 years of leadership experience in the non-profit sector in BC and Ontario. Her background is in program and community development, advocacy, and research for vulnerable, disadvantaged populations. The aim research award is to better understand and address the health needs and service requirements of people with a multiple, complex needs (MCN) designation under the purview of Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). This population of people, with lifelong disabilities, are not well served by existing services in BC, and little is known about their specific health needs.

This award advances CLBC’s research efforts through its two key objectives: 1) To better understand the health-related needs of the MCN population, and 2) To identify and learn from best/promising practices in BC. The project builds on existing research and fills important gaps in knowledge regarding the health and service delivery requirements of people with an MCN designation.