Vijay Akhade

Dr. Vijay Akhade is a Post doctoral Fellow in Prof Aly Karsan’s lab at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Vijay completed his doctoral studies under the supervision of Prof M.R.S Rao at Chromatin Biology Lab, JNCASR, India. His PhD work provided profound insights into the mechanistic and functional role of Mrhl long non coding RNA in regulation of Wnt signaling and gene expression, using mouse spermatogonial cells as model system.

Continuing his work in the field of long non coding RNA biology, Vijay moved to University of Gothenburg for his Post doctoral Research in Prof Chandrasekhar Kanduri’s lab where he focussed on long non-coding RNAs in cancer; identification of cell cycle associated lncRNAs in cancer development and progression. This involved a Pan-Cancer analysis of lncRNAs enriched in S-phase of cell cycle resulting in identification of several lncRNAs as oncogenic drivers and novel biomarkers. Vijay joined Prof Karsan’s lab in August 2018.

Vijay’s research is focused on investigating non-coding RNA regulatory networks in hematopoiesis: complex biochemical interactions between microRNAs, long non-coding RNAs and mRNAs. Exploring the non coding RNA networks would help uncover the functional and mechanistic details of a novel post transcriptional gene regulatory mechanism in normal as well as malignant hematopoiesis leading to identification of new non coding RNAs for prognosis and therapy in future. Vijay is the recipient of MSFHR’s 2019 Research Trainee Award.

For an up-to-date list of publications by Dr. Akhade, please see Google Scholar.