Innovation to Commercialization (I2C) Program

The MSFHR Innovation to Commercialization (I2C) Program supports researchers to advance their discoveries or inventions towards practical application, resulting in products or technologies that improve health outcomes and enrich BC’s health innovation ecosystem.

The program allows researchers to protect time to focus on improving the viability of their intellectual property and advancing discoveries or inventions towards products that will improve health outcomes, benefit society and enrich the health innovation ecosystem in BC through contributing to talent development and a strong, sustainable knowledge economy.

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Program details

  • Award term of up to four years
    • Phase I: Up to $150,000/annum for two years.
    • Phase II: An additional two years of funding of up to $75,000 per annum, contingent on successful renewal review and match funding support from a non-BC government source.
  • Supports researchers to enhance and strengthen technology and product maturity toward market usability.
  • Increases the potential real-world use and commercial viability of researchers’ discoveries.
  • Supports talent development and build capacity for translational research in BC.
  • Aims to facilitate interaction between partners and researchers that provide opportunities for investment in commercializable IP.


  • Focus of translational research must be at or past active research and development for proof of principle, but not past the level of a successfully demonstrated product or technology (see section 7, Intellectual Property).
  • I2C funding can be used to support activities directly related to implementation of a commercialization plan. This may include both salary support and commercialization-related expenses.
  • Eligible to researchers who hold an appointment at an eligible BC university, health authority or research institute and conduct research with a clear link to human health. Note that each application is limited to one primary applicant and one co-applicant.

This competition is currently closed.

We are pausing our Innovation to Commercialization competition for 2021. This allows us to conduct a thorough review of four years of competition data using our program learning and improvement cycle in order to re-evaluate the program and ensure it best meets the needs of BC’s health research community.