Applications open for MSFHR’s 2018 Scholar competition

2 November 2017

Applications are now open for MSFHR's 2018 Scholar competition. The letter of intent deadline is December 1, 2017, with full applications due February 2, 2018.

Since 2001, the MSFHR Scholar Program has supported more than 400 early-career health researchers as they establish independent research careers, build leading health research programs and train junior scientists.

Each award provides salary support for up to five years, helping Scholars protect time to conduct research and expand their potential to make significant contributions to their field.

For Dr. Kelly Brown, assistant professor in UBC’s department of pediatrics, her 2016 Scholar award, co-funded by MSFHR and Cassie & Friends, has had a real impact on both her research and her lab.

“When I first started my pediatric rheumatology lab, we were on very short term funding. I didn’t have any guarantee that we would be still be there in a year, which made it extremely hard to hire students and make any real progress,” says Brown. “The Scholar award has given me the time and security I needed to attract and train up researchers and move my research forward.” 

To ensure that MSFHR Scholar awards continue to support capacity building across the province, we have been talking to regional stakeholders to understand how capacity building needs differ. As a strategy to address this issue, we are considering some changes to the orientation provided to our peer reviewers to ensure they understand regional differences with respect to factors such as training environment and  track record.

2018 Scholar competition application guidelines

MSFHR partners with organizations from BC, Canada, and around the world to co-fund research and optimize our collective investments. This year, we are delighted to welcome the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation as our newest Scholar award partner.

Opportunities are available to co-fund a 2018 Scholar. To learn about how MSFHR can help your organization grow research in your priority areas please see our partnership pages or contact partnerships manager Muneerah Kassam.

Current co-funding opportunities:

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