Applications open: 2021 Health Professional-Investigator competition

5 May 2021

A senior woman of african descent listens to her doctor explain the outcome of her most recent tests.Her doctor is smiling as she gives her good news.

BC physicians and allied health professionals seeking funding to support research that improves patient care can now apply for MSFHR’s 2021 Health Professional-Investigator (HP-I) competition.

Through our HP-I awards, we support researchers who are actively involved in patient care to conduct and apply research relevant to health and/or the health system, ultimately to improve health outcomes.

HP-I awards provide $90,000 per year in salary support for up to five years. The 2021 HP-I competition has two streams which are evaluated independently of one another: a physician stream and an allied health professional stream. To determine which stream to apply under, refer to the competition guidelines available here.

2021 HP-I competition key dates

  • Letter of intent deadline: June 4, 2021
  • Anticipated notice of LOI decision: July 2021
  • Full application deadline (applicant): August 20, 2021
  • Application deadline (host institution): August 27, 2021
  • Anticipated notice of funding decision: November 2021
  • Award start date: January 1, 2021

2020 MSFHR HP-I award recipient Dr. Jennifer Coelho is developing improved treatments for children and youth with eating disorders, which will allow clinicians to match children and youth to the best treatment for them.

“The HP-I award has been key to allowing me to integrate research with clinical care in the Eating Disorders Program at BC Children’s Hospital,” says Coelho. “The award has supported me to hire additional research team members and devote more time to research activities.”

What’s new for this year?

In response to stakeholder feedback and current needs, we’re introducing changes to several aspects of the 2021 HP-I competition, including changes to the guidelines, evaluation criteria, and application form to increase emphasis on the applicant’s research proposal and the potential impact of the research. In addition:

  • HP-I applicants are no longer required to provide references, but letters of support or references can still be included.
  • 2021 HP-I recipients will no longer be required to apply for renewal in the third year of funding (previous HP-I recipients are still required to submit a plan for years 4-5 of the award, which will be reviewed internally.
  • To help account for the impact of COVID-19 on health professionals, recipients may defer their award for up to 18 months.

Partnership opportunities are available

Strong partnerships are integral to fostering world-class health research in BC. We partner with organizations to co-fund awards that strengthen research in our partners’ priority areas.

“Partnering with MSFHR helps us move research forward at an exponential pace. MSFHR does a great job of bringing organizations and researchers together, and using their peer review process helps us ensure we are funding the best researchers in the fields that are important to us.”  — Dick Vollet, President & CEO, St. Paul’s Foundation & MSFHR partner.

Learn more about partnering with MSFHR.

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