Applications sought for analysis of aIPCC data

15 August 2014

MSFHR is requesting applications for a research project that will analyze data from the BC Ministry of Health to understand the impact of Accelerated Integrated Primary and Community Care (aIPCC) initiatives.

The three main categories of activity under aIPCC are home-based, system/service delivery redesign, and clinical redesign initiatives. A number of these initiatives are being implemented across the province to accelerate the Integrated Primary and Community Care (IPCC) program. Initiatives range from expanding mental health treatment in the community to better assessments of seniors at risk from multiple chronic diseases to building care teams that support patients through an early discharge from acute care.

This research project’s primary objective is to use BC Ministry of Health data to identify patterns of health services utilization and the extent to which these patterns changed as a result of aIPCC initiatives. The suggested approach is to consider utilization of individual program participants before and after enrollment in the program, as compared to similar persons who are not enrolled. The project will be implemented in two phases – development of the analysis methodology, followed by conduct of the analysis itself upon receipt of data from the Ministry of Health.

> Full application instructions and guidelines

The maximum amount of the award is $100,000. Experienced researchers or research teams affiliated with a BC host institution that is eligible to hold MSFHR funds are eligible to submit a proposal for this research project.

Applications must be submitted by email to Greg Martyn, Director, Projects, ( by 4 p.m. Pacific time, September 12, 2014.