BC Ethics Harmonization Initiative annual evaluation completed

27 February 2015

A new evaluation of the BC Ethics Harmonization Initiative has been completed, presenting findings on activities, outputs, and outcomes from September 2013 to July 2014.

The evaluation employed a mixed-method approach. Data collection involved surveying BCEHI stakeholders as well as undertaking interviews with a small subset of respondents to explore their views in greater depth. Documentary material provided by the BCEHI was also reviewed.

This year’s evaluation expanded the sampling frame to over 1,800 individuals compared to 209 in the prior year, and targeted a broader mix of stakeholders in terms of roles and affiliations with BCEHI.

Download the evaluation report (PDF)

Overall, progress has been made towards the achievement of harmonized health research ethics review in BC during the evaluation period. Several strategies have been implemented to address noted challenges and to significantly move the initiative forward. An active communications plan, including the launch of the BCEHI website in September 2014, aims to engage stakeholders through this process.

As harmonized ethics review models become integrated into the partner organizations, the development of strategies to sustain harmonization in BC will be a key priority for the senior leaders of these organizations. Continued collaboration will be required to evolve and sustain the work achieved through the BCEHI in the months ahead.