BC researchers receive $2.24M to advance innovative stem cell and regenerative medicine research

2 December 2016

The Stem Cell Network and the Government of Canada have announced $9 million of funding to support innovative stem cell and regenerative medicine research across the country.

Eleven of the 31 funded projects will be led by BC researchers, equating to an investment of $2.24 million for the province and highlighting BC’s position as a leader in innovative research. MSFHR is proud to count 10 of the 11 BC project leads as past and present MSFHR scholars, trainees and colleagues.

BC researchers have secured 25 percent of the funding, which is split across 25 research projects and six clinical trials. Each project is designed to advance stem cell technologies and health innovations that will improve the lives of Canadians in areas such as brain injury, kidney disease and breast cancer.

A full list of funded research projects can be found on the Stem Cell Network website.