BCEHI annual evaluation completed

13 December 2013

The 2012-13 fiscal year (which runs October to September) marked the first annual evaluation of the BC Ethics Harmonization Initiative (BCEHI).

Going forward, the results of the evaluation will form a baseline against which to measure progress over the next few years. 2013-14 will be an exciting year for the harmonization of the ethics review of multi-jurisdictional health research in BC, in which we anticipate reaching some important milestones and making substantive progress in others.

Key deliverables for the 2013-14 year include:

  • Implement a BC Centralized Collaborative REB Review Model(s)
  • Complete a business case for long-term technology solution(s) to support centralized REB application management and review
  • Develop a systematic approach to BCEHI communications to ensure that BC health research stakeholders are informed and engaged regarding harmonization of research ethics reviews in BC

For more information, contact:

Wendy Bond
Project Coordinator, BC Ethics Harmonization Initiative