Call for nominations: MSFHR Research Leaders Forum

6 April 2017

MSFHR is seeking nominations for the inaugural MSFHR Research Leaders Forum, a group of distinguished health researchers able to guide MSFHR’s strategic direction in supporting the advancement of world-class health research in BC.

The Forum will advise the MSFHR Board and senior management on the trends, challenges and opportunities shaping health research at provincial, national and international levels. Members will identify and provide strategic insights on these trends, as well as exploring emerging research relevant to MSFHR’s mandate and activities.

Given the strategic nature of this Forum, nominees should be accomplished health researchers with senior experience in the health sector and in-depth knowledge of the health research and life sciences ecosystem. 

Key information

  • Nomination deadline: May 12, 2017
  • Term of appointment: Two years
  • Meeting schedule: Up to twice a year

“The Research Leaders Forum is a means for us to seek advice from leading researchers in BC, Canada, and internationally,” said Bev Holmes, MSFHR’s interim president & CEO. “We are always working to ensure we have the best information possible in order to meet the needs of the BC research community.”

Martin Schechter, MSFHR’s chief scientific officer added, “Being able to draw on a strategic advisory body specifically convened to identify and consider emerging research trends will be hugely beneficial to the Foundation in guiding our work to support BC researchers and strengthen BC’s research and life sciences ecosystem.”

Forum members will be appointed by the MSFHR Board of Directors on the basis of their accomplishments, depth of experience and thought leadership, ensuring an appropriate mix of skills, expertise and representation from across BC. Provincial membership will be complemented by national and international members to provide global perspectives.

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