CIHR provides feedback on BC SUPPORT Unit business plan

13 March 2015

On Jan. 29, a small team presented the BC SUPPORT Unit business plan to a CIHR international adjudication panel. In early March, CIHR shared feedback from the panel – acknowledging the plan’s strengths, and noting some weaknesses to be addressed – and approved start-up funds for the unit.

Work to revise the business plan and move forward with implementation of the SUPPORT Unit will happen in parallel. To facilitate this work, two new members have joined the operations team. Heather Harris has been seconded half time from her role as the director, operations with the BC Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (BCCRIN) to assist with start-up operations. Rhonda Tolley has been seconded from MSFHR half time as administrative support.

On March 19, the BC SUPPORT Unit interim governing council will meet to discuss a formal response to CIHR feedback and other next steps.

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