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24 April 2013

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Research Roundup

MSFHR People

BC Epilepsy Society and MSFHR partner to maximize health research dollars

A strategic partnership between MSFHR and the BC Epilepsy Society has helped give epilepsy researcher Dr. Stuart Cain a vital connection to those directly impacted by his research. As the recipient of a post-doctoral fellowship jointly funded by the two organizations, Cain, a 2011 MSFHR Trainee,  has been able to share his work beyond the research community and engage with the BC Epilepsy Society though a number of channels.

Focusing on health research strategy consultation

March and April have seen the consultation plan for the BC health research strategy move into action. In March, small working groups reviewed the five strategic directions proposed as a framework for the strategy and offered input into the rationale, current status, and potential actions for each. A number of consultation activities will be taking place in the coming weeks, starting with a series of focus sessions being held the last few days of April. The focus sessions will be followed by an online survey in May and regional workshops in June.

Understanding how a SUPPORT Unit can help BC

In a parallel process to the consultation activities underway to support the BC health research strategy, MSFHR is facilitating the development of a support unit in BC — called the Support for People and Patient-Oriented Research and Trials (SUPPORT) Unit — that will make it easier for health-care providers, health-care decision-makers and researchers to conduct patient-oriented research.

Research Roundup

  • Dr. Robert Holt & Dr. Marco Marra
    Dr. Robert Holt (2004 Scholar) and Dr. Marco Marra (2001 and 2006 Scholar) are part of a newly-formed international "pediatric cancer dream team", along with several other BC-based researchers. The team’s objective is to investigate genomic data to discover which proteins are present on the surface of tumour cells but not on normal cells.
  • Dr. Michael Law
    Dr. Michael Law (2011 Scholar) recently co-authored a study published in Health Policy that looked at prescription drug coverage for people over the age of 65 in Ontario. The study found that co-payments under the plans of as little as $6 per drug create financial strain for some elderly people, making them more likely to forgo important prescriptions.
  • Dr. Babak Shadgan
    Dr. Babak Shadgan (2011 Trainee) and Behnam Molavi, a PhD candidate at the UBC Department of Electrical Engineering, were recently recognized as the winner of 2012 Wearable Technology Innovation World Cup, Safety & Prevention Category. They won for their invention of a smart fire rescue helmet — a non-invasive wireless system capable of monitoring several vital statistics in real time. Mounted in firefighters’ helmets, it can help a central monitoring center to become aware of any carbon monoxide poisoning or critical health conditions.

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MSFHR People

  • Dr. Erica Frank
    Research Advisory Council Chair, Dr. Erica Frank, founder of NextGenU officially launched the free, for-credit online learning project to bring specialized education to low-income countries. NextGenU already has more than 1,000 students from 54 countries in its first courses, which focus on health. NextGenU is supported by donations from charitable foundations, individuals and volunteer efforts from academics around the world.
  • Lynn Cummings
    Congratulations to Lynn Cummings, MSFHR's nursing research facilitator for Vancouver Island Health Authority. She's the recipient of this year's Alumni Award of Excellence from the School of Nursing at the University of Victoria. She will be presented with her award May 10 during National Nursing Week.

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