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24 November 2015

MSFHR celebrates 2015 Trainee Award recipients

The bright future of BC’s health research enterprise was on display November 16 as MSFHR brought together partners, colleagues, and stakeholders to celebrate the 2015 MSFHR Trainee Award recipients and Dr. Adeera Levin, the 2015 Aubrey J. Tingle Prize winner.

The 48 post-doctoral fellows funded through this year’s competition and Dr. Levin were honoured at a special event hosted by MSFHR at Vancouver’s VanDusen Botanical Garden.

“It’s really an honour for us to see the future capacity and opportunity that’s in this room,” Dr. John O’Neil, chair of MSFHR’s Board of Directors, told the invited guests. “We recognize that all of you in this room make up what is an incredibly vibrant health research environment in British Columbia.”

MSFHR’s 2016 Trainee Program competition is now accepting applications. Letters of intent are due December 4, and full applications must be submitted by February 9. Competition guidelines and instructions are available on MSFHR’s website.

Nominations for the 2016 Aubrey J. Tingle Prize open November 30.

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MSFHR People

Lara Boyd (2008 Scholar) was among 23 inspiring speakers invited to present at TEDx Vancouver 2015. Boyd, who directs the Brain Behaviour Lab at UBC, presented on neuroplasticity and what determines individuality.

J. Mark FitzGerald (2004 Scholar; 2005 Operating Grant co-leader) was recently appointed director of the Centre for Heart and Lung Health. FitzGerald brings a wealth of clinical, research, and collaboration experience to his new role.

Tim Storr (2012 Scholar) has recently been awarded a New Investigator Research Grant jointly funded by the Alzheimer’s Association and Brain Canada Foundation to study the toxicity pathways of metal-containing peptide species in Alzheimer’s disease.

E. Paul Zehr (2003 Scholar) is the recipient of the Science Educator Award from the Society of Neuroscience. Zehr is being recognized for his efforts to increase understanding of neuroscience and science in general — including his use of comic book heroes to explain scientific concepts.


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