Consultation plan for health research strategy and SPOR taking shape

25 February 2013

In December, MSFHR submitted a document to the Ministry of Health intended to inform the further development of BC’s health research strategy. The document included background information on the status of investments and the impact of health research in BC, as well as future strategic directions and actions.

Based on the framework outlined in this document, MSFHR is now moving forward with the development of a consultation strategy to help validate and refine the five strategic directions that formed the basis of the document:

  • Support integration of research, care and education
  • Strengthen linkages between researchers and health system decision-makers
  • Strengthen the commercialization continuum
  • Build capacity for patient-centred research
  • Enhance support for health research

The health research strategy advisory board will be working closely with the planning team to further define the rationale, current status, and potential actions for each direction as preparation for consultation with BC health research stakeholders to seek their input.

In parallel, MSFHR is working with the BC Ministry of Health on a BC SUPPORT Unit application as part of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR). Consultation for this application will be undertaken at the same time, and in the context of, the provincial health research strategy.

The provincial health research strategy is being developed at the request of the BC Ministry of Health to help shape a more comprehensive, coordinated and systems-oriented approach to health research across the province. BC’s health research community endorsed the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research to facilitate the process; a preliminary planning phase in fall 2012 included the establishment of an advisory board and key informant interviews.