Does hospital culture affect satisfaction with ICUs?

31 May 2012

The MSFHR team that was awarded the 2005 MSFHR partnership award to study the relationship between organizational culture and family satisfaction in critical care has recently published three papers highlighting different aspects of its findings.

Principal investigator Dr. Peter Dodek and team were able to correlate aspects of organizational culture to levels of family satisfaction with the care their loved ones received in an intensive care unit.

They were able to identify factors that most influenced family members' satisfaction levels, including aspects of the physical environment such as waiting rooms and how hospital staff communicated with them. Further analysis also correlated these satisfaction levels with the hospital staff's perceptions of their own hospital's organizational and patient safety culture. The team found that many aspects of organizational culture, such as teamwork, communication, and leadership, correlate with family satisfaction, especially for family members of non-surviving patients who stay in the intensive care unit for at least 14 days. This information is a valuable planning tool for intensive care units across Canada and can be used to improve the patient and family experience.