Evaluation highlights InspireNet’s impact and value

17 March 2015

InspireNet, an online platform funded by MSFHR, has played an important role in fostering collaboration between BC researchers and practitioners, according to the findings of a new evaluation report.

With more than 3,700 members from across the academic and health care sectors, InspireNet is a powerful tool for building connections and finding common ground among disparate individuals who are otherwise unlikely to collaborate. Once connected, the report found, these individuals were supported to work more efficiently through time and cost savings made possible by the digital platform.

Compiled as part of InspireNet’s overall evaluation framework, the report summarizes outcomes from a focus group of core network members as well as interviews with 22 key participants. The report was developed by the UBC eHealth Strategy Office to understand the process and impact of using an electronic platform to support research.

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According to respondents, InspireNet has helped members build new skills, enhanced communication among colleagues, supported the sharing of research outcomes, and offered opportunities for professional development.

InspireNet originally launched in 2009 as a program of MSFHR’s BC Nursing Research Initiative. Using an “electronic community of practice” model, the province-wide network provides a range of online tools to members, including web conferencing, discussion forums, blogs, event calendars, document libraries, collaborative wikis, and shared contact lists.

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