Expert team to lead SPOR application review

8 October 2013

A team of national and international experts will lend significant inter-disciplinary experience to the review of expressions of interest (EOIs) to participate in BC’s SPOR SUPPORT Unit.

The expert team, consisting of recognized leaders in knowledge translation/implementation science, real-world clinical trials, and data platforms, will provide a review mechanism independent of the BC health research community. Members of the external expert group will work in partnership with MSFHR and BC Ministry of Health representatives to identify leads representing key function areas to assist in the development of the SUPPORT Unit’s business plan.

The external expert group is composed of:

  • Lee Fairclough (health systems, knowledge translation, and implementation)
    Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
  • Sharon Straus (health systems, knowledge translation, and implementation)
    University of Toronto
  • Cy Frank (real-world clinical trials)
    Alberta Innovates Health Solutions
  • Jonathan Sheffield (real-world clinical trials)
    National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (UK)
  • Adalsteinn Brown (data platforms and services)
    University of Toronto
  • Kenneth Kizer (data platforms and services)
    University of California Davis

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Following the selection of function leads, the external expert group will continue to advise the SPOR project team on the development of BC's SUPPORT Unit.

Review process

Expert group members will receive EOI applications based on their designated area of expertise and will act as a primary or secondary reviewer.  EOI applications will also be reviewed by representatives of MSFHR and the BC Ministry of Health. A review meeting on October 11 will facilitate discussion to achieve consensus on the selection of interview candidates in each core function area.

Interview candidates will be notified the week of October 14, and interviews will be conducted October 21 and 22 by the external expert group and MSFHR/Ministry of Health representatives. Following the interviews, the review team will submit recommended candidates to the SPOR Interim Governing Council (IGC). At a November 8 meeting, the IGC will review these recommendations and finalize the selection of function leads who will be invited to participate in the business plan’s development.

Completion of the business plan is targeted for winter 2013/14. Expressions of interest received from potential providers of SUPPORT Unit services will be reviewed in light of the emerging business plan.

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