Fellowships bridge the gap between science and policy

8 October 2013

A new fellowship program offered by MSFHR, CIHR, and CIHR’s Institute of Aboriginal Peoples' Health (CIHR IAPH), gives health researchers and trainees a unique opportunity to gain real-world experience in health policy-making.

The Science Policy Fellowships program invites researchers from all areas of health to apply for a six to 12 month placement in a policy setting, where they will work as part of a policy team. Twenty policy assignments are available for the current competition, including 14 placements in British Columbia supported by MSFHR. BC-based policy assignments are available in the BC Ministry of Health, the First Nations Health Authority, Island Health, and Interior Health. The two placements in the First Nations Health Authority will be jointly funded by MSFHR and CIHR IAPH.

An additional six assignments are available in Ottawa with Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

This year’s competition marks the second time MSFHR has partnered on the Science Policy Fellowships program. In 2012, MSFHR funded researcher Noreen Kamal to undertake a six-month placement in the BC Ministry of Health to study emergency department care.

“The Foundation is very excited to help facilitate evidence-informed practice and policy-making,” said Gayle Scarrow, Manager, Knowledge Translation at MSFHR. “These fellowships are a great opportunity for researchers to learn about the science-policy interface and for policy-makers to receive timely and relevant research on issues of importance to them.”

How to apply

For questions about the Science Policy Fellowship awards (BC Ministry of Health, First Nations Health Authority, Island Health, or Interior Health Authority policy assignments), please contact:

Gayle Scarrow
Manager, Knowledge Translation
Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research

For questions about the initiative, CIHR funding guidelines, application and/or review process, please contact:

Jasmine Lefebvre
Senior Specialist, Research Capacity Strategy
Canadian Institutes of Health Research