A guide to MSFHR’s new strategic plan

20 April 2015

MSFHR recently completed and published a new strategic plan outlining our directions and priorities for the next five years.

At the core of this plan are three goals – People, Responsiveness and Coherence – which guide our work and help us maintain a balance between building capacity for health research and supporting the application of research to address priority issues.

To help explain the importance of these goals, as well as the actions supporting them, we have prepared a handy reference. Using the image below, hover over the circular nodes to learn more about each of our strategic goals. Click the play buttons for video commentary by our President & CEO Dr. Diane Finegood describing what "People", "Responsiveness" and "Coherence" mean in the context of our strategic plan.

Dr. Finegood also provides an overview of the strategic plan and its development in the video below.

Download our strategic plan (PDF)