Guidelines available for 2019 Scholar competition, applications open Nov 1

12 October 2018

Guidelines are now available for MSFHR’s 2019 Scholar competition with applications due to open November 1, 2018. The letter of intent deadline is November 29, 2018, with full applications due January 31, 2019.

Since 2001, the MSFHR Scholar Program has supported more than 400 early-career health researchers as they establish independent research careers, build leading health research programs and train junior scientists. This in turn helps to develop, attract and retain BC’s best and brightest health researchers and support the advancement of world-class health research in BC.

Each Scholar award provides salary support for up to five years, helping Scholars protect time to conduct research and expand their potential to make significant contributions to their field. For Dr. Mary Jung, an associate professor and director of UBC Okanagan’s Diabetes Prevention Research Group, her 2014 Scholar award had a dramatic impact on her research and her four MSFHR Research Trainees.

“The most significant impact of my MSFHR Scholar award is the gift of time to conduct research. This has direct offshoots into literally all aspects of my work,” says Jung. “I have greater time to devote towards the development of stakeholder and patient advisory committees, to meet with new industry and health care partners, to devote to my trainees, and to publish my work.”

2019 Scholar competition application guidelines

As part of MSFHR’s commitment to continuous learning and improvement, we review all our programs and competitions to ensure they are meeting the needs of the BC health and health research community. As a result, we are pleased to offer:

  • Separate peer review pools for new faculty recruits (within two years of their first appointment) and more established junior faculty (3-5 years from their first appointment) in order to ensure a more equitable review process.
  • An expedited application process for Mitacs Accelerate funding to support experiential training internships for Master’s students, PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.

This year the peer review process will also include unconscious bias training for reviewers and place greater emphasis on the availability of institutional mentorship support for applicants to ensure funding recipients have the support they need to enable ongoing growth and development.

MSFHR partners with organizations from BC, Canada, and around the world to co-fund research and optimize our collective investments. To learn about how MSFHR can help your organization grow research in your priority areas please see our partnership pages or contact Muneerah Kassam (partnerships manager) about opportunities to co-fund a 2019 Scholar.

Current co-funding opportunities: