Inaugural KT webinar provides travel tips for researchers starting KT journey

26 October 2016

"[Researchers] would do well to learn at least some of the language of [their] knowledge user or target audiences. Language can be a huge barrier and often people think they are talking about the same thing and they are not. This is where the concept of knowledge translation came from, the idea that you have to ‘translate’ your findings into the language that resonates with your knowledge user or target audience." — Dr. Bev Holmes

MSFHR partnered with Arthritis Research Canada to launch a new series of expert-led, beginner-level KT training webinars for researchers and trainees. The series premiered on October 14 with Drs. Bev Holmes (vice-president, research & impact, MSFHR) and Marla Steinberg (evaluation consultant) who presented on "Adventures in KT: Travel tips for researchers and trainees".

The webinar featured a KT travel guide with tips to help researchers and trainees plan for KT, what to expect along the way and reflect on the journey.

Also highlighted were helpful resources to support researchers as well as a list of articles to explore continued learning. The webinar recording, presentation slides and list of resources are available at

Upcoming webinar – November 4, 2016

The second webinar in the KT Connects series entitled "How does a knowledge broker ‘fit’ in the world of KT?" will be presented by Alison Hoens (physical therapy knowledge broker, UBC; research, education and practice coordinator for physiotherapy, Providence Health Care) and is scheduled for Friday, November 4, 2016 from 12 to 1 p.m. PST.

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