InspireNet conference focuses on moving research to practice

5 September 2013

Knowledge translation – using health research to transform health care – will be at the forefront when InspireNet members gather in Vancouver Sept. 16 for the network’s fourth annual conference.

“Connect 2013” will focus on helping InspireNet members bridge the gap between research evidence and evidence-informed care. The conference is designed to build connections between the research and practice communities in the area of nursing health services research.

InspireNet is a province-wide network launched in 2009 to support greater involvement of nurses in health services research. Funded by MSFHR through the BC Nursing Research Initiative, InspireNet uses an online “virtual platform” to connect more than 2,700 members across BC.

Building on the network’s online focus, Connect 2013 will explore social media as an emerging tool to promote knowledge translation. Google Plus hangouts will be demonstrated as a low-threshold method to encourage collaboration. Social media coaching sessions will help participants learn how Twitter, Facebook, and other digital tools can support research sharing.

Researchers, clinicians, policy-makers, students, and individuals with an interest in health services research are encouraged to attend. Potential registrants must be members of InspireNet; however, it is free to join. Conference registration is $78 and can be completed on the InspireNet website.

For more information and a full conference program, visit: