Knowledge brokers to enhance use of evidence in policy and practice

18 June 2015

MSFHR is teaming up with the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies to help ensure cutting-edge health research evidence is used to solve real-world problems.

For the current Wall Solutions Initiative competition, MSFHR will fund knowledge brokers on up to four projects that relate to clinical practice or public health and can demonstrate a benefit to BC. These knowledge brokers will engage with diverse stakeholders and will use knowledge translation (KT) models, strategies, and activities to enhance the use of health research evidence in policy and practice.

Moving research output into practice through KT is a crucial part of improving the well-being of British Columbians, their health system, and their economy. By partnering on this program, the funders can achieve greater impact and help implement evidence-based solutions in the real world.

“Partnerships between researchers, research users, and knowledge brokers result in the development of knowledge to address issues of importance to the research users,” says Gayle Scarrow, knowledge translation manager at MSFHR. “This knowledge is a marriage of the local and expert knowledge brought by the users coupled with the research evidence developed in partnership with the researchers.”

This new knowledge is what ends up being used or implemented, explains Scarrow, adding that we are still learning about the most effective KT methods and strategies.

The knowledge brokers will address this gap as well by evaluating the implementation of their solutions, thus adding to the body of knowledge on KT science.

Teams can apply for the supplemental funding with a candidate for the knowledge broker position in mind, or they can apply with a plan for recruiting one. Applicants must have an evaluation methodology already laid out as well as a plan for integrating the knowledge broker effectively into the team.

About the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies

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