KT article featured in Implementation Science

15 May 2012

A new paper by MSFHR’s knowledge translation (KT) team assesses the role of health research funders in translating research evidence into practice and policy.

The paper, published in the open-access journal Implementation Science, discusses the development of MSFHR’s KT role and outlines a conceptual model that other health organizations could use when considering KT programs of their own.

The model describes five key functional areas — advancing KT science, building KT capacity, managing KT projects, funding KT activities, and advocating for KT — which together create an environment that facilitates effective use of evidence in practice and policy making.

In addition, the paper describes the planning process and evidence used in the development of our organizational KT plan. Important observations made during the process are offered for consideration by other funding organizations developing their KT plans.

Since its publication, the paper has been accessed more than 2,500 times and is the most-read Implementation Science paper within the last 30 days, indicating significant interest in this topic.

Funding agencies and health organizations involved in KT can learn much from each other. MSFHR welcomes feedback on our ideas and encourages discussion and partnership among health agencies to advance the field of health KT. A collective effort to improve the use of health research evidence in practice and policy will be beneficial to the health care system and its users.

For more information on the development of our KT plan, contact Gayle Scarrow.