KT award supports evaluation of community health solutions

27 February 2012

MSFHR is pleased to announce the outcome of our recent partnered knowledge translation (KT) funding competition.

The KT Supplemental Funding Award is offered in partnership with the Peter Wall Solutions Initiative (PWSI), a UBC-based funding program that links researchers and community partners to develop practical solutions to societal problems. As part of our commitment to building KT capacity in British Columbia, MSFHR will fund knowledge brokers to be embedded within two PWSI health-related projects to facilitate the development, implementation and evaluation of knowledge translation strategies and activities.

The successful projects are:

“Transforming spaces, transforming lives: An integrated community partnership to enhance the health and mobility of older adults”
Principal Investigator:
Dr. Heather McKay, Professor and Director of the Centre for Hip Health & Mobility, Department of Orthopaedics and Family Practice, UBC

Community Partner:
Dale Bracewell, Manager, Active Transportation; Department of Engineering Services, City of Vancouver

In partnership with the City of Vancouver, this project will evaluate the impact of urban environment changes that emphasize walking and cycling, as well as social spaces that build a sense of community, on mobility and health outcomes of older adults. The project aims to find solutions to enhance the mobility of older adults and slow the mobility decline and social isolation they frequently face.

“KidsCan: Involving youth in research to create mHealth solutions for improved youth health”
Principal Investigator:
Dr. Guy Dumont, Professor, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UBC

Community Partner:
Dr. Jean-Pierre Chanoine, Sub-specialty Director (Research Component), Centre for Healthy Weights Prgram, ShapeDown BC

Dr. John Mark Ansermino, Assistant Professor, Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, UBC

Dr. Anne Junker, Associate Professor, Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, UBC

This project will establish a youth engagement initiative (“KidsCan”) that will directly involve Canadian youth as partners in developing mobile-based solutions to health problems. A smartphone application (“MobileKids”) will be developed that will help promote voluntary physical activity and healthy eating habits among youth.