MSFHR to provide match funding for CIHR Knowledge Synthesis and Policy Analysis Grants

21 December 2017

To support BC’s leadership in the field of patient-oriented research, MSFHR is pleased to offer matching funds to support the highest ranked BC applications in CIHR’s Knowledge Synthesis and Comparative Program and Policy Analysis Grants.

Provided by the CIHR Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovation (PIHCI), both grants are cross-jurisdictional in scope and intended to support evidence-informed policy decision-making, practice and further research across multiple jurisdictions.

Knowledge Synthesis Grants

  • One year, $25,000 grants to support cross-jurisdictional teams of researchers and knowledge users to produce knowledge syntheses or scoping reviews relevant to PIHCI Network priorities.
  • MSFHR will provide matching funds of up to $12,500 total to support research led from the province.

Comparative Program and Policy Analysis Grants

  • Two year, $62,500/yr grants to support comparative analyses that:
    • Compare policies across provincial/territorial health system contexts and the related health outcomes.
    • Compare programmatic scalable innovations in health care delivery and their policy impact.
  • MSFHR will provide matching funds of up to $62,500 total over a two-year period to support research led from the province.

This match funding opportunity is part of MSFHR’s commitment to grow BC’s research presence, both in Canada and globally, by enabling BC researchers to participate in national and international research, build connections and apply their learnings to the BC health research environment.

Key dates

  • Jan 15: PIHCI network LOI due
  • Feb 15: Request for matched funding from MSFHR due
  • Feb 20: Eligible applications receive MSFHR confirmation of support
  • Feb 21: Full application due to PIHCIN
  • Mar 6: Application due to CIHR
  • May 1: Funding start date

For more information on this match funding opportunity, please visit our competition page.