Moving into the future of health research

16 March 2015

The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) is excited to launch a new strategic plan that will inform our approach to supporting BC’s health research enterprise over the next five years.

Recognizing that the context for health research has changed significantly since our founding in 2001, the plan lays out a vision for sustaining BC’s international reputation for excellence in the face of constrained resources and a prevailing need for greater accountability and efficiency.

At the core of the new strategic plan are three goals to guide our work:

  1. People: Maintain a base of excellent health researchers who advance knowledge and help inform decision-making in BC
  2. Responsiveness: Increase responsiveness of the health research enterprise to BC priorities
  3. Coherence: Increase coherence through coordination and collaboration across BC’s health research enterprise.

These goals strike a balance between our core business – investing in individual researchers – and an emerging need to support the application of health research to address priority issues in the health care system. Within this new framework, we will continue to empower BC’s health research enterprise to discover solutions to our greatest health challenges, connect knowledge and action on provincial priorities, and engage partners to improve the health research enterprise.

The new strategic plan will be supported by a comprehensive organizational evaluation strategy. Performance indicators and measures have been identified to help assess progress towards the goals. Outcomes of this evaluation will be reported publicly on an annual basis.

The plan is informed by the BC Ministry of Health’s Setting Priorities for the BC Health System strategic document as well as Directions for Health Research in BC, published in 2014 as part of the BC health research strategy.

Download our strategic plan (PDF)