MSFHR announces joint sponsorship with Merck for CDRD post-doctoral fellowship

4 March 2011

The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research is pleased to announce a joint sponsorship with Merck for The Centre for Drug Research and Development’s (CDRD) newest post-doctoral fellowship position.

“As a long-time supporter of early-career scientists, we are pleased to partner on this unique opportunity for post-doctoral fellows. Advancing the experience and knowledge in this field is critical to our ongoing growth in health research in BC,” said Dr. John Challis, President & CEO at MSFHR.

CDRD’s Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program offers early-career scientists the opportunity to contribute to and learn from the expertise of CDRD staff.

“A key element of CDRD’s mandate is to provide the next generation of highly qualified drug development personnel, and CDRD’s training program in drug development is unique – combining the best elements of industrial and academic based settings. This post-doctoral candidate will be a key member of our research teams and will gain a broad range of experience from many innovative projects and the mentorship provided at CDRD,” said Karimah Es Sabar, MSFHR board member and Senior Vice President, Business & Strategic Affairs at CDRD.

“Merck is pleased to partner with CDRD and the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research for the advancement of scientific knowledge by sponsoring this Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program,” said Patricia Massetti, Vice-President, Public Affairs and Patient Access at Merck. “This initiative is an example of Merck’s ongoing commitment to health research and innovation in British Columbia and Canada,” she added.