MSFHR launches video series to challenge perspectives on KT

13 December 2016

Research does not move from academic journals and into the hands of end-users like health care providers, policy makers, patients and others in a simple, straightforward manner. To happen effectively, researchers and research users need to forge strong and sustainable research relationships, a process that can be fraught with challenges.

MSFHR has tackled some of these challenges head on in its new KT Encounters video series. Leading Canadian knowledge translation (KT) experts and practitioners were interviewed for their perspectives on the provocative issues and challenges facing the practice of KT today, including issues such as:

  • How can the research community create opportunities for collaboration where all voices are heard?
  • Which terminology can we use to build bridges between those within and outside of academia?
  • What KT debates and conversations are on the horizon?

The research community has moved away from simplistic models of KT where we had research evidence, sent it to a stakeholder group and didn't think much about what was happening in the rest of the world. This video series raises important issues to consider as we seek to extend and expand the practice of KT in our complex health systems.

— Moderator and MSFHR Acting President & CEO, Dr. Bev Holmes

Packaged in "bite sized" clips, each video is accompanied by questions for discussion and supplemental resources to support continued learning.

KT Encounters can be used in instructional settings as a way to generate conversation, in research teams and by individuals hoping to deepen the practice of KT.

However you choose to view KT Encounters, we encourage you to join the conversation by adding your own thoughts and reflections in the comments section at the bottom of each topic theme page.

Watch the KT Encounters video series