MSFHR partners on Change Day BC

21 May 2015

What drew you to health, social or community care? What ignites your passion? What step — big or small — could you take to make our health care system better for British Columbians?

On October 15, 2015, as a partner in Change Day BC, MSFHR encourages you to take that step by making a pledge to change or try something new to make things better.

A pledge is something that you commit to doing, changing or improving in health, social and community care. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is or how you carry it out. Your pledge can be personal (“I pledge to be more physically active by putting 10,000+ steps into my daily life”) or work related (“I pledge to focus on providing a supportive communication liaison between my patients and their family physicians”).

You can act on your pledge on Change Day BC or any day. You don’t have to wait until October 15. The belief is that if each of us commit to making one small change, really big things can happen. At its core, Change Day BC will help further a common goal to improve quality of care for British Columbians. Change Day BC provides an opportunity to promote changes, innovations and actions to improve our system across all sectors of care.

The Change Day campaign started with England’s National Health Service, where pledges included leading a healthier lifestyle, spending a day in a wheelchair to better understand a patient’s challenges, tasting medicine to appreciate why children complain about its taste, and introducing yourself to patients. Following on the heels of its success, countries around the world have launched their own change days.

The campaign’s focus on driving change for a more effective health care system fits well with MSFHR’s goals to build a more responsive and coherent research enterprise that can lead health care innovation. Health research can provide the critical evidence needed to support improvements in our health care system.

Help Change Day BC reach its goal of 5,000 pledges. Between now and October 15, visit to make your pledge. You can also read pledges made to-date, download resources to help spread the word, and find out more information about this campaign.

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