MSFHR presenting at Canadian Science Policy Conference

31 October 2016

As a member of the National Alliance of Provincial Health Research Organizations (NAPHRO), MSFHR will participate in the 8th annual Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC) in Ottawa on November 8-10. MSFHR President & CEO Dr. Diane Finegood and Vice-President, Research & Impact, Dr. Bev Holmes, will participate in two separate panels.

Dr. Finegood will moderate the NAPHRO panel where she will be joined by Christina Weise, CEO, Research Manitoba; Heather Magotiaux, CEO, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation; Allison Barr, director, Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation, and Krista Connell, CEO, Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation.

The panel will address the role of provincial organizations in building and sustaining competitive regional research and innovation ecosystems as part of their more significant role in research funding over the past decade.

The discussion will elaborate on what drives the complexity of innovation systems overall, and examine the diverse range of funding mechanisms used to support these systems. Dr. Finegood will share insights from MSFHR’s experience in BC.

Dr. Holmes will participate in a panel entitled “Evidence-based decision-making (EBDM) in health policy and health care practice: Have we got what it takes?” She will be joined by representatives of three SUPPORT Units (Support for People and Patient-Oriented Research and Trials) — established as part of Canada’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) initiative — including Stirling Bryan, scientific director of BC SUPPORT Unit. Panelists will present case studies addressing the practical, social and structural elements of EBDM when it comes to strengthening patient-oriented research at both the provincial and national level.

Established in 2009, the Canadian Science Policy Conference is a non-partisan national dialogue on science, technology and innovation policy. The more than 600 attendees include representatives of Canada’s scientific enterprises and policymakers in bureaucracy and political spheres, both federally and provincially.

NAPHRO was created in 2003 to promote increased dialogue, linkages and partnership activities among Canada’s provincial health research funding agencies. Alliance members meet on a regular basis to share information and identify potential opportunities for working collaboratively on common issues — from technology and clinical research support initiatives to evaluating the impact of health research. Dr. Finegood served two years as co-chair of NAPHRO.